The widest selection of different capacities

New and used tanks, tanks, reservoirs of various positions and sizes! We offer a wide range of above-ground and underground tanks, cisterns, tanks at good prices. We are constantly expanding the range of available products. with us you can find capacities from a 20-liter tank to a 2,000,000-liter tank. According to needs, we have containers for storing liquid and bulk products. By choosing our containers, you can easily store in them: fuel for various purposes (diesel, gasoline, furnace fuel, oil, etc.), liquid fertilizers (KAS), water, oil, sewage, various bulk products (sand-salt mixture for winter, etc. .), chemicals, AdBlue liquid and others. All the containers we offer meet safety requirements, have markings according to their purpose, and are certified.


For your convenience, with us you can find a variety of filling equipment for both fuel, water, chemicals and other liquids: counters, filling hoses and coils for holding them (twisted), filters, pumps, filling/filling guns, various sets, columns, fuel systems with magnetic keys.


We provide service for various capacities. We can refurbish tanks both from the inside (anti-corrosion coating) and from the outside (anti-corrosion coating, sandblasting, painting). We never leave our customers to their fate even after the warranty period has expired. You can always contact our company: we will come, update existing containers or equipment.


Looking for short-term accommodation? That's great, we can offer you a capacity rental. We'll bring it, and when you don't need it anymore, we'll pick it up ourselves, so you don't have to worry about delivery.


We deliver to the door, we provide a guarantee. A wide selection of manufacturers and measurements. More and more Lithuanian farmers choose and recommend our services.


Contact us for quality new or used containers, we will definitely find something to offer you.