Mechanical fuel meter K44 Piusi (for diesel)

Mechanical fuel meter K44 Piusi (for diesel)

Product code: PK44

Piusi K44 Mechanical Fuel Meter.

Made in Italy.

The meter is adapted for comfortable and efficient work. Convenient and easy to use. Easily calibrated. Italian fuel meters K44 are designed for precise measurement of fuel quantity.

Technical data:

  • Flow 20 - 120 l/min
  • Accuracy ±1%
  • Max. working pressure - 10 bar.
  • Connection threads 1"in./1"in.
  • 4 digits of instant embankment.
  • Total (total) embankment - 7 digits.
  • Manufacturer code: 000552000

Intended for non-commercial use.

We can also offer versions of the same model for biodiesel, oil.