Mobile AdBlue container JFC 950l
  • Mobile AdBlue container JFC 950l

Mobile AdBlue container JFC 950l

Product code: TT950AD-B

Mobile AdBlue tank 950 liters for transporting.

The design of the product ensures long-term functionality, taking into account difficult conditions of use and frequent use. The mobile 950 L AdBlue container is extremely easy to transport and easy to use. Transportable containers of liquid solution do not require any special maintenance or special training. The containers are fully certified, there are no additional requirements for their use. Mobile AdBlue tanks (tanks) are adapted for transport by SUVs (pickups). The special design ensures the tightness of the container during its use, therefore it is ensured that no water or dirt gets inside during operation. Transportable containers are made of extremely strong, high-quality, impact-resistant plastic. There is a lock for security.

Equipment and its data:

  • AdBlue solution dispensing system with electric pump (12/24V) or electronic pump (230V).
  • Dimensions 1.20x1.00x1.21. Capacity - 950 L.
  • Fuel dispensing capacity - depending on the configuration.
  • 4 or 6 meter power cable.
  • Flexible fuel transfer hose (4 meters) with strainer against pollutants and one-way valve.
  • Ventilation.

Complies with the requirements. A guarantee is provided for the capacity and dispensing equipment, and ongoing consultations. Warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance.

Installed with quality Italian dispensing hardware.

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